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After the Honeymoon

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

After the kids,

Come the granny pants.

You know the ones.  Underwear as comfortable as the flannel nighties and Crocs you started to wear when "feeling sexy" finally slipped off your list of Life's Priorities.

Chuck saw "underwear" on my shopping list and humbly requested that I buy some panties that don't look like the ones from his mom's laundry basket.  Some that live up to the name - unmentionables.

So, I decided to honor his fantasy and bought a package of the cutest, cheap, plus-sized Hanes ladies' briefs (those high-cut, hip-hugging kind) that Wal-Mart carries.

A couple of days later, I pulled on a pair and, "Darn!"

"What's wrong?"

"I just tore a hole in my new underwear!"

Chuck sighed, "Well, I guess they just don't make 'em like they did in '1956."

Sigh.  Nope, I'm sorry, Dear.  They don't.


The Great Conversation

Wednesday, 01 July 2009

It’s also been called The Great Debate and The Great Discussion.  What is it?


In their book “Leadership Education:  The Phases of Learning,” Oliver and Rachel DeMille describe it as, “…the discussion leaders of the world at any point in history are having about what we all want as human beings and how we should get what we want.”  They also credit Mortimer Adler, compiler of The Great Books series, as saying, “It is the current state of a debate that has been going on for as long as we have written records.”


Perhaps you’re following the debate by watching the evening news, reading the newspaper, blogs, listening to Talk Radio or flipping through Newsweek.  You may have formed strong opinions about issues affecting our country and the world today, consider yourself well informed and are not afraid to blab your truth to the world via Twitter, Facebook or your own blog.  The truth is, you are in no position to influence what happens, nor do you understand, really, how it all fits together.  I'm just sayin'....


On the other hand, you might be of the minority group that has studied the great writers and thinkers, past and present, and have a clear view of human nature, political, social and ecological cycles.  You may follow the news with a grain of salt, but in addition to and with deliberation you pore over scientific and other scholarly journals, as well as study the Great Books; the classics which are pertinent today as the day they were penned.  You’re logical and can identify the fallacies permeating the media.  You are thoughtful, articulate, passionate and maybe, just maybe, if not already then you are on your way to becoming a person of influence.


So, how does one get in on this conversation?  How do we follow the debate?   For the majority of us who are not yet poised to influence the course of the world, the answer is -  Study.  Study hard and study well.


It’s never too late to join the debate.


For more information on “A Thomas Jefferson Education:  Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century,” by Oliver Van DeMille, visit:  http://www.tjed.org


Tax Day Tea Party

Friday, 10 April 2009

On April 15 people will gather on the steps of Capitol buildings across the nation for Tax Day Tea Parties, organized in protest of bail-out bills and government overspending.  You can visit the Tax Day Tea Party website for more information on this grassroots movement, its origins, purpose, and where to find a Tea Party in your area.

This is not a partisan movement.  Both the Republicans and the Democrats have proven they can outspend even the drunkest of sailors.

We were going to attend the one in Austin, TX,  but have decided to drive to The Alamo!  I'm looking forward to the adventure and trying to think up a clever poster.

I've heard the media is not planning to cover these protests, even though the projected number of attendees is in the many thousands.  We'll see, eh?

So, what's your take on bailing out banks and corporations?  Are you pleased with the way government has been managing your tax dollars?  If not, what are you going to do about it?


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