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What'll They Serve Us Now?

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Friday, 25 August 2006

I've been following the story of Pluto's precarious planet status.  We're studying Planets as part of our Orderliness Unit study and this news is timely.  Just over a week ago, there was talk of counting the 3 moons orbiting Pluto as planets in their own right.  Now, whatever astronomical powers that be have decided that, not only does our Solar System have enough planets, but it is, indeed, overcrowded.  The verdict?  Even Pluto was stripped of its title 'Planet' and we now have a more managable 8 official planets.

Well, no wonder - have you ever noticed the way Pluto orbits the sun, anyway?  We don't need some little ball of ice showing off a larger elipses than everyone else.

And what are the Astrologers going to do now with all of the people born under Pluto?  If I were the superstitious sort, I'd take this as a really bad omen. 

My number one concern, though, is that I just taught the boys to remember the planets by singing this little jingle:  Malorie, Valerie, Emily Meetzahs, Just Served Us Nine-hundred-ninety-nine Pizzas. 

Now what?  I guess it'll be "... Just Served Us Nothing."

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