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House Matters

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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I've been watching a whole lot of HGTV and DIY these days and am fascinated by the short amount of time it takes them to renovate a room.   We're in the midst of remodeling the boys' room - a project that has been in the works since before Thanksgiving. Now, 4 months and more money than we had budgeted later - here we are.  Nearly complete.

Welcome to the Adams DIY network.   

First, the room where it all started.   A busted water heater necessitated the drywall repair, which meant new paint was in order.  Water damage was also a great excuse to get rid of that carpeting.   Too bad the water heater wasn't big enough to flood more rooms.  The boys got to choose their color and to our great dismay, they chose black and orange.  However wrong their color choice felt to me, though, I  still bear the emotional scars of having no say in my own childhood room decor, so I relented. Old Room


Meet our lead designer and color analyst, Chris  When asked how he has enjoyed the project, he had this to say:  "Sure, working on Adams DIYToothless Chris has had it's rewards, but I've found real coin is in trading teeth." 


Color coordination is important, but integral to any remodel project are its studly carpenters.  Man CaveOur two guys, Alex, "We're building a Man Cave, baby!" and Chuck, "I'm confident we can really turn this room around.  I've watched years of Norm Abrams...how hard can it be?  Let'Chuck measurings see, it's cut twice, measure...no...measure once, cut...wait..."    (Note:  Perhaps this is why the project has taken 4 months and an extra 12 linear feet of crown mNew Roomolding.)

Have any doubts about the team?  Let's let the results speak for themselves.  Now, tell me these guys didn't come through!  

  New Room







Which leaves me with accessorizing!  Yay! Happy Patrick

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