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Ms. Speaker, heal thine own house, first

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Monday, 29 September 2008

Nancy Pelosi and her sidekick Rahm Emanuel are quite a team, aren't they?  If you're wondering why congress has the lowest approval rating at under 15% - and I've heard even as low as 9% - all you have to do is listen to those two.  You know what, Ms. Pelosi?  If you're so sure this bailout is the right answer then get the votes from your OWN party.   Let history show how the Democrats saved the American economy from disaster in the fall of 2008.  This is your baby, Sweetie.

Emanuel, stop shooting your mouth off over all the ways this Administration is to blame for this crisis and invest in some history lessons.  There's enough blame to bury every administration since before FDR.  And, you know what?  Your party is the one holding the stacked deck, now.  Play 'em and Shut Up.

Here are over 100 economists who agree the rush to bailout is a bad idea.  How many of these names do you recognize?  Chances are, none.  The only voices you are likely to hear on the major "news" networks are establishment parrots who are paid to look good and create panic.  Maybe they are sincere.  I think the term Marx used was "useful idiots."

Huzzah! to the 95 Dems and the 133 Republicans who listened to their constituents (and reason) and did the right thing by voting NO to this socialist abomination.  

*Edited 9/30/08 - Turns out my Huzzah! was a bit too inclusiive.  Some of the Dems who voted 'no' were doing it, presumably, with blessings from Pelosi to ensure the bill would not pass with a majority Democrat vote.  Now, that's principled behavior. 



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