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The Class Wars

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Is anyone disturbed by the incredulous critique of McCain in last Friday's debate?  What?  He didn't use the term Middle-Class?  Can you believe it?  Not even once, did he pigeonhole a population into a Middle-Class.

Um, isn't that a good thing?  I mean, do we really live in a country defined by classes?  I'm particularly amused that it's the liberals who are so averse to labeling just about any other group of people, who were the first to jump on McCain for not using a label. 

As of today, we still live in a country where, though we may not be born into equal circumstances, we most certainly have equal opportunity to succeed.  Some of us have a longer, harder climb to get to the top, but that makes the view all the sweeter, in my opinion.  And I rather enjoy the freedom offered in this country to determine how high I want to climb.

Classes?  That's Communist talk.  


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