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Recession has its bright spot

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Thursday, 05 February 2009

Last night I took the kids to Target to buy them new jeans and t-shirts.  As we approached the fitting room desk, the attendant pushed aside the pad and pencil she'd been using.  "Sorry," she said, "I was just sketching out floor plans."

"Oh? Are you working on your dream house?" I asked.

"No, I'm an architect and always sketching ideas."

We got to talking about home building, the market and jobs.  Her professional day job hours were cut due to the recession and she is supplementing her income with the job at Target.  Turns out there are engineers, doctors and accountants working at Target, as well.  

We were served by an accountant at "Steak and Shake" the other night.  The guy who hands you your venti latte might be a software engineer.

Which brings me to my bright spot:  the depth of the recession is inversely related to the quality level of customer service at the drive-thru.

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