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Day 11: Different day, different genre?

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

18,416:  just a hair above the goal of 18,337 words.

Like the first day I sat down to work on this project, I came to the keyboard with no clue where to pick up.  After procrastinating a good part of the morning away – overslept, washed some dishes, checked my email (big no-no), contemplated going back to bed…, I finally put fingers to keys and typed.  And, like the first day of this project, the words came.  One of my secondary characters decided she needed to step into the action again, and there’s the new guy who needs further development. 

I also took a little time out to work up a timeline to keep my dates and seasons straight.  There is a lot going on and many moving parts.

The surprising development of the day is that I’m toying with the idea of magical realism - especially with the emergence of this new guy and some things in my main character’s background that could lend a mystical quality.

Mmm.  It just might work.

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