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The Coupon Life for Me

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Thursday, 02 December 2010

This coupon stuff.  I’m addicted.


It’s my obsessive nature.  I can’t just ease into anything; I have to eat, dream and talk about it until I wear myself out and fall into the next life sucking adventure.


I think I’m really getting the hang of this, though.  Tuesday was a “Eureka!” day.  See,  I ran across a CVS receipt from a trip Chuck and the boys made for drinks and snacks.  They spent $26.66.  Wha?  


Four weeks of honing my coupon hunting skills were finally put to the test.  Like a hound on the trail of a bloody rabbit I set to work itemizing how they should have structured their shopping trip had they known the CVS Sunday sales flier as thoroughly as I.


Here’s what they bought:


1 12 pack of Diet Coke @ 4.00

4 misc. 20 oz sodas (hello?) @ 1.59 ea.

2 bags of chocolate candy @ 4.89 ea.

1 bag of chocolate candy @ 4.49


Total:  $26.66  WhaWho's the drunken sailor?


Here’s what they could have bought:


3 12 packs of mix and match Dr. Pepper sodas - $11 and earned $3 EBs to use later.

3 bags of either Hershey’s Kisses and/or M&Ms @ $2ea (Oh, and I have a coupon for $1 off 2 bags of Kisses that I’m not even counting)


Total:  $14 after EBs.


Do the math!  Had they consulted me first, they could have satisfied both their need for junk food and mine for cheap wine! 


No wonder we’re always broke.  Chuck is, hereby and forthwith, prohibited from stepping into the drugstore without me.


Now, let me share with you something else that happened on Tuesday.  I told you this was a monument day…


I went into Walgreens armed with both knowledge and coupons.  Knowledge and coupons – that’s power.  I’m drunk with it.  This one is good.  Even the cashier was agog!


At Walgreens they are offering 5 Register Rewards with the purchase of 2 Dayquil or Nyquil products for $10.  I had 2 coupons, $1.50 each for said products.  They are also offering 1 Register Reward for the purchase of 3 packs of Eclipse gum @ $2.  Here’s how this trip worked:


1 each, Dayquil/Nyquil @ $10.00

3 each, Eclipse gum @ $2.00

Total:  $12.00


But wait…here’s where the magic happens…


I whip out my coupons and RR from previous trips and:


$3.00 coupons

$9.00 RRs

Total:  $12.00


Yep, I walk out of there with a 0 balance.  But there’s more…


I also earn $6 RRs to use on my next trip, which I take a few hours later.


My next trip is for cosmetics.  I need some eye and lip color, eye liner and foundation.  Their Wet ‘n Wild brand (which is great stuff) is on sale, 50% off.


I bought 2 eyeliner pencils, 1 lipstick, 1 eye shadow palette, 1 mineral powder foundation and the whole lot cost me $5.17.  I paid for it with 5 RR and 17 cents out of pocket.


In the end, I got $17 worth of product for 17 cents  out of pocket.  Not a bad day.  In fact, that kinda makes up for my guys’ errant sugar splurge.


Next up…


I try my frugal fly-baby wings at the grocery store.  I’ve already got the lists made and the coupons clipped, I just need a little more energy.








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